Community Engagement Training Australia

Community Engagement Training Australia is the training and events arm of our company.  We offer tailored and customisable professional development which can be offered on site at your workplace. Information about our courses is provided on this page.

We are excited to announce Community Engagement Training Australia is launching a nation-wide event which will advance the practice of Community Engagement and create better outcomes for communities across Australia. The 2017 Community Engagement Summit Series has been designed with the belief that contemporary, high quality professional development for engagement practitioners is the cornerstone of delivering even better outcomes for our communities in the future.

Our Training Courses

Community and Stakeholder Engagement in Practice

Learn the foundations of planning and delivering effective consultation which will lead to engaged communities and informed decision making.

Engagement Tools and Techniques

Fill up your tool kit with an array of useful and practical techniques for delivering a range of community engagement activities.

Innovative Online Engagement

Learn how to reach out to your community and stakeholders and illicit quality feedback using online and mobile platforms.

New Approaches to Community Engagement

Real life examples of the latest and most effective ways of engaging communities using a mixture of traditional mediums and more contemporary, technology based processes.